This Japwheel.com is my first serious blog activity, I started it mostly because I still have plenty of time after doing my daily activity, which is -teaching English at Vocational School-. I pick this Automotive niche because; first, I really am amazed with automotive industry developments, and how it grows in such massive speed and the way it integrated both engine technology and -today- gadget technology into a car. Second, and maybe what make me keep going after it seem does not work is the idea that I can use my renewed knowledge on cars -for I research about it to make a post- to enhance my -daily related- material to students in automotive major.

Until this -About you and me- released, this blog is a one man doing, so maybe you wont be really fancy the posts, or it might be poorly written, but after-all I really did my best with what I had.

This blog will only be talked about Japan manufactured cars, such Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Lexus, Acura and Infiniti. In this blog I try to bring you the freshest news I can get my hand on about those particular cars. I try to write the review base on my reading, and sometime base on the interview I had the the guy who actually drove the car.

That would be all for now, I truly hope you find at least a very tiny bit of new info on this blog about whatever you you trying to search in the first place. Feel free to give me any sort of suggestion.

Alvin Morris