Koenigsegg Regera. A dream with price
A dream with price - The new Koenigsegg Regera is specifically designed to be a luxury Megacar contrasting option to Koenigsegg's conventional extraordinary, light weight, race-like street cars.

The Koenigsegg Regera consolidates a powerful twin-turbo V8 ignition engine with three electric engines and front line battery power by means of new powertrain innovation called Koenigsegg Direct Drive. This progressive innovation evacuates the customary gearbox, making the car lighter and more proficient.

While conventional Koenigseggs have dependably had amazing levels of common sense, familiar luxuries and features, our essential concentration has dependably been to make the quickest cars on the planet – around a circuit or anyplace else. The Koenigsegg Regera proceeds with this custom, however with creative innovation that mixes over the top speed, preeminent solace, and an interesting Direct Drive understanding.

Regera is Swedish for "to Reign" – an appropriate name for a machine that offers an unexpected blend of power, responsiveness and luxury. The Regera will rule as ruler of the open street – the quickest quickening, most powerful generation car ever.

Notwithstanding all its propelled innovation and common luxuries, the Regera is nearly light can in any case perform aggressively around a race circuit. How does 3.2 seconds between 150 to 250 km/h and under 20 seconds from 0 to 400 km/h sound? The main Hypercar/Megacar that we think could be speedier around a circuit is another Koenigsegg.

The Regera is to be handcrafted in a release of only 80 vehicles at Koenigsegg's generation office in Ängelholm, Sweden. This is the first run through ever that Koenigsegg will have two distinct models in parallel creation.

The inside features included protection, 8-way electrically customizable adjustable foam situates, a Koenigsegg 9" infotainment framework, 4G and Wi-Fi availability, front, internal and rear camera framework with recording ability, Apple CarPlay, preeminent sound framework, encompassing lighting and numerous other incredible new features. The Regera likewise accompanies front and rear stopping sensors and remote demonstrative and firmware refresh capacity.


The absolute entirety of each Koenigsegg is its Internal Combustion Engine – the ICE. The ICE of the Regera takes after the way of its kin, the demonstrated and greatly solid Koenigsegg dry-sump twin turbo, DOHC, 5.0 liter V8.

The Koenigsegg V8 is the most downsized homologated creation ICE on the planet, with 220hp for each liter (utilizing general pump gas). The minimal way of the engine implies the Regera is light in weight, and in this manner deft and productive.

The Regera V8 contrasts somewhat from our forerunner Agera engine. As the powertrain as of now creates a consolidated 1500hp and with electric impetus giving moment torque from the Direct Drive framework, we didn't need to go as outrageous on ICE power. Rather, we installed much smaller, speedier spooling turbos on the Regera, additionally upgrading the car's drivability and reaction.
Koenigsegg Regera. A dream with price


Conventional hybrids speak to a trade off with regards to weight, intricacy, cost, bundling and effectiveness.

The Regera is not what we at Koenigsegg would call a customary hybrid as it doesn't have the conventional inadequacies of a hybrid. Rather, the Regera is another type of hybrid. It is another type of Koenigsegg and another type of car, so far as that is concerned.

Conventional "parallel" hybrids are traded off and substantial as they have two free impetus frameworks moving the car. While "arrangement" hybrids are less traded off with regards to weight, intricacy and costs, they are bargained with regards to proficiency as there is excessively vitality change occurring.

The Koenigsegg Direct Drive transmission (KDD) was designed by Christian von Koenigsegg and produced for the Regera by the Koenigsegg Advanced Engineering group.

The patent-pending KDD replaces the burning engine's customary transmission – the gearbox as you most likely are aware it is expelled from the car. In its place, the KDD gives direct drive to the rear hub from the ignition engine without the need of huge number riggings or a variable transmissions, all of which have inalienably high vitality misfortunes.

Amid thruway go, for instance, the KDD lessens drivetrain misfortunes contrasted with a conventional transmission or CVT by more than half as there is no progression up or venture down rigging working in arrangement with the last drive – simply direct power sent from the engine to the wheels.

The Regera has three YASA created electric engines, which supplement the vitality from the burning engine. Beside giving extraordinary responsiveness, these electric engines additionally allow for torque vectoring, regenerative braking and vitality transformation. YASA's pivotal flux engines are greatly power thick, making them a key-element for the KDD. There is one YASA engine for each rear wheel, giving electric direct drive, and one on the crankshaft that gives torque-fill, electrical era and starter engine usefulness.

The three electric engines constitute the most powerful electrical engine set-up underway car history, supplanting the riggings of an ordinary transmission. This gives all-essential weight investment funds and additionally including power, torque and torque vectoring capacity.

Koenigsegg has built up a grip slip system that uses the pressure driven coupling to change over torque at medium/high speeds amid quick quickening. This allows the burning engine to pick up revs and power, in this way giving the impression of a customary downshift with the related aural delight, even without the conventional gearbox.
Koenigsegg Regera. A dream with price

Shift paddles stay on either side of the steering wheel. The left oar is utilized to improve regenerative braking impact in reviving the battery pack. The correct oar is utilized to initiate the water powered coupling's "downshift" operation.

Koenigsegg has worked to a great degree elusive the best performing, and most secure battery feasible for the Regera. This exploration and testing has brought about a 800 volt, 4.5kWh battery pack, making the Regera the world's initial 800V generation car.

This extraordinary battery innovation will now give an astonishing 525kW of release and up to 200kW of energize. The main batteries in any type of automotive utilize that give near performance to their size are those found in Formula 1 race cars.

The Koenigsegg Regera battery pack additionally brags the most noteworthy cooling limit of any battery in automotive utilize today. All electric vehicle producers utilize coolant funneled around the battery pack to draw warm from the batteries. There is dependably a region that customary cooling channels can't reach, notwithstanding. The Regera battery pack is housed in a fixed unit including improved nearby coolant flooding over all basic warmth touchy components. Each basic surface inside and around the battery stack is cooled as effectively as could reasonably be expected.

Finally, there is the battery pack's weight. Through research and interest in premium battery innovation, the creation adaptation of the Koenigsegg Regera will deliver with a battery pack that performs better, as well as measures only 75kgs, a sparing of 40kgs over the idea battery.

Each cell of the pack is carefully observed for voltage, condition of charge, wellbeing and temperature. The cells are encased in a carbon fiber packaging for proficiency, safety and strength. The battery is situated in the most secured range of the car – the carbon-aramid chassis burrow.

To put the progressive way of the Regera into legitimate viewpoint, it has practically triple the same number of electric horsepower (700hp) than its nearest hybrid adversary, with more than 300hp more in complete horsepower. But then the Regera stays at an extremely aggressive weight, while as yet including features, for example, a six way customizable electrical seat and a completely robotized body work.


The Direct Drive transmission of the Regera conveys rankling performance, while in the meantime offering one of the smoothest, most alleviating driving encounters possible. It is a genuine Jekyll and Hyde encounter that depends totally on your inclination.

We have built up a totally new rear sub outline that allows the engine and transmission to lay on dynamic soft mounts. When driving in ordinary conditions, the mounts remain soft and disengage engine clamor and vibrations. Amid lively driving, the mounts solidify to harden the car and give more noteworthy reaction. The safeguards are dynamic in both stature and solidness, changing right away to your contributions in the driver's seat.

The Regera can likewise be driven in total quiet, with a full EV mode available for shorter timeframes.
Koenigsegg Regera. A dream with price

Heavenly body DRL 

Daytime Running Lights (DRL) are often the primary impression one gets of a car drawing nearer from a separation. We needed the Regera to be effortlessly perceived from a remote place, a yearning that prompted our new Constellation DRL framework.

The heavenly body impact was accomplished by dispersing LEDs around the light group – like stars set against a night sky of cleaned carbon fiber.

The LED's make the entire light bunch sparkle and sparkle as though encrusted with precious stones. There's cool, and after that there's Koenigsegg cool.


The Regera is the primary car on the planet that works all body terminations totally automatically, at the touch of a catch. We call this framework 'Autoskin'.

Koenigsegg has figured out how to robotize the whole Regera with no weight punishment, because of the most recent advances in conservative lightweight pressure driven innovation. The Regera features capacities, for example, dynamic front and rear wings, chassis control and lifting framework as standard, so the pressure driven pumps and aggregators were at that point set up to execute automation of our doors and front/rear hoods. The Autoskin power through pressure supplant gas struts of comparable weight, bringing about negligible weight affect.

Autoskin features soft-shutting instruments, giving the Regera a modern vibe. The completely robotized body framework adds a simple 5 kg to the aggregate weight of the car, making full robotization an exceptionally attractive choice.

All openings and wing mirrors are fitted with vicinity sensors to protect against the doors striking adjacent items (check, low roof, and so forth) while opening or shutting.


The Koenigsegg One:1 featured the world's first top-mounted dynamic rear wing. This was an inventive arrangement that augmented down compel contrasted with its size and weight.

The Regera has taken this answer for the following level, allowing the wing to completely withdraw into the body work upgrading the cars class while stopping and lessening drag while cruising. The wing's dynamic, foldable component is a lightweight work of carbon fiber workmanship and the development is really hypnotizing.

Why do we utilize a top-mounted rear wing? It is basic to see a rear wing upheld by columns running between the body of the car and the underside of the rear wing. This is a decent base level arrangement that gives fitting downforce when designed in the correct way.

Streamlined testing demonstrates us, in any case, that it is the underside of the wing that gives the most downforce, so unsettling influences to this surface ought to be limited where conceivable. A top-mounted rear wing, for example, that fitted as standard gear on the One:1 and Regera gives an undisturbed underside surface to greatest downforce.
Koenigsegg Regera. A dream with price

Koenigsegg Regera. The Price of a Dream

"This is obviously altogether different to what individuals are utilized to in sports cars," conceded organization originator Christian von Koenigsegg, including, "It's pleasant to shift down, hear the engine cry and afterward shoot off. Be that as it may, given the huge electrical support and the power of the interior burning engine more than 2500 rpm, the experience is supernatural. At low rpm, the engine will at present feel genuinely enormous as the consolidated torque is amazing. The enjoyment of shifting down and anticipating the speeding up is immediately overlooked and not missed. It should be experienced."

Good fortunes with that last point. Only 80 Regeras will be created, every one ordering a beginning Koenigsegg Regera price of $1,890,000 before any charges or expenses. That aggregate is powerful, certain, yet it additionally appears like an odd kind of deal when the track-just P1 GTR costs more than $3 million. And afterward there's this: The Regera will be offered in the U.S. as a completely federally agreeable model, presumably ahead of schedule one year from now.


The Regera has a hand crafted, tuned titanium debilitate framework created in conjunction with fumes authorities and accomplices, Akrapovic. This one of a kind fumes framework incorporates a fish tail outlet, designed by Christian, a design that has not been seen on generation cars for in any event a large portion of a century – bringing back the sound of performance cars from the past! - Koenigsegg Regera. A dream with price
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